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At Breg Arc, we offer a comprehensive CGI and Building Regulations service for residential and mixed-use developments. Our realistic 3D visuals allow clients to fully visualise their projects before they begin, while our Building Regulations drawings ensure projects comply with the necessary regulations.

Our Residential CGI services offer realistic 3d images that can be used for planning applications, marketing purposes, and more.  Our high-quality images are sure to help you bring your project to life and capture the attention of your target audience.


Our Mixed Use Development CGI is perfect for property developers, architects, and real estate agents. Using realistic 3D imagery, our CGI's will help you create striking visuals to market your project, as well as being an essential tool for planning applications. Our CGI's capture the scale and detail of your development, allowing you to create a realistic impression of the finished project.


Our Building Regulations package provides high quality Construction drawings for Residential and Mixed Use developments, built with state-of-the-art BIM technology. Our experienced team will ensure that your project complies with the latest Building Regulations and is designed to the highest standards. We provide detailed drawings and BIM, giving you a comprehensive insight into the proposed design.

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